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Card removed перевод Seats® Help - Managing Your Account Managing Your Account The Flash Seats® Account area allows card removed перевод to manage the personal information you've entered on the Flash Seats site. See the following sections for details on your account: Account Balance Your Flash Seats balance is the amount of money you have in your Flash Seats account. This money comes from tickets you've sold card removed перевод other Flash Seats account holders. To access the Balance page, click Account. The Account Balance page appears. In addition to showing you the value of your balance, the Account Balance page shows the transactions you�ve made that affect your balance. Transactions that affect your balance are purchases, sales, or transfers to a bank account. Description: the type and details of the transaction. Balance: your account balance based on the transaction. Invoice : provides a link, which you can click to see more details about the transaction. If you have more balance transactions than will appear on one page, you can use the arrows on the upper and lower right side to navigate to other pages. Uses for Your Balance You can use your Flash Seats balance for several different transactions: tickets on tickets purchasing certain types of tickets e. For some teams that use Flash Seats, you can also use the money in your account toward season ticket renewal via an EFT. The buttons next to the Current Balance information at the top of the page- EFT and Financial Accounts-are related to EFTs. The EFT button takes you to the EFT: Transfer Money page. For more details on EFTs, go to. The Financial Accounts button takes you the Card removed перевод Accounts page, where you can manage the credit cards and bank accounts associated with your account. For more details on Financial Card removed перевод, go to. Financial Accounts The Financial Accounts page lets you manage the credit cards and bank accounts associated with card removed перевод Flash Seats account. You can also initiate Electronic Funds Transfers EFTs through this page. To access the Financial Accounts page, click Account, and then click Financial Accounts. See the following sections for more details on Financial Accounts: Uses of Credit Cards and Bank Accounts In the Flash Seats system, credit cards are used for two purposes: and tickets. Any credit cards you want to use for either purpose are added and maintained on the Financial Accounts page or the page. Note: You cannot use gift cards issued by banks or credit card companies to purchase seats on the Flash Seats system. The Financial Accounts page also allows you to add bank accounts. Bank accounts are used for EFTs Card removed перевод Funds Transfers from your Flash Seats account balance card removed перевод a bank account you add. Card removed перевод more information on EFTs, go to. Security of Credit Card and Bank Account Data Flash Seats takes the security of your data very seriously and uses the most advanced and current technology to ensure the protection of card removed перевод data. Card removed перевод the Flash Seats system, all customer data, including credit card numbers and bank account information, is card removed перевод via secure channels. You can see that the encryption is working when a lock icon appears in your Internet browser. In addition to encrypting customer data, we also use multiple layers of security around our servers and data centers. All of this ensures that your data is protected. Managing Credit Cards and Bank Accounts Through the Financial Accounts page, you can manage your credit cards and bank accounts. See the following sections for card removed перевод details:.

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