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Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology. November 2014, 24 9 : 501-508. Published in Volume: 24 Issue 9: November 19, 2014 Online Ahead of Print: November 4, 2014 242. Data collection and analyses were completely performed by the authors; the corporation had no influence on the study design, data acquisition, data analysis, data interpretation, or writing of the manuscript. The present randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial tested the effect of KRG on children with ADHD symptoms. At the 8 week point, the primary outcomes were the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV criteria for inattention and hyperactivity scale scores, which were measured at baseline and 8 weeks after starting treatment. Results: Korean red ginseng инструкция baseline characteristics of the KRG and control groups were not statistically different. The mean ages of the KRG and control groups were 10. However, neither the KRG group nor the control group exhibited significant differences in salivary cortisol or DHEA levels at week 8 compared with the baseline levels. No serious adverse events were reported in either group. Further korean red ginseng инструкция to investigate the efficacy and safety of KRG are warranted. Atomoxetine in Autism Spectrum Disorder: No Effects on Social Functioning; Some Beneficial Effects on Stereotyped Behaviors, Inappropriate Speech, and Fear of Change Myriam Harfterkamp, Jan Minderaa, Gigi van de Loo-Neus, Rutger-Jan van der Gaag, Pieter McLennan Short-Term Effects of Lithium on White Blood Cell Counts and on Levels of Serum Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone korean red ginseng инструкция Creatinine in Adolescent Inpatients: A Retrospective Naturalistic Study Maya Amitai, Amir Zivony, Sefi Kronenberg, Liron Nagar, Sivan Saar, Jonathan Sever, Alan Apter, Gal Shoval, Pavel Golubchik, Haggai Hermesh, Abraham Weizman, Gil Zalsman Lack of Korean red ginseng инструкция of Risperidone on Core Autistic Symptoms: Data from a Longitudinal Study Natasha Marrus, Heather Underwood-Riordan, Fellana Randall, Yi Korean red ginseng инструкция, John Constantino Examining the Validity of the Columbia Impairment Scale for Assessing Level of Functioning in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder Kaycie Zielinski, Jeffrey Wood, Patricia Renno, Siena Whitham, Lindsey Sterling Related content in Search: for Authors: Ko Hae-Jin Kim Inbo Kim Jong-Bae Moon Yong Whang Min-Cheol Lee Keun-Mi Jung Seung-Pil Keyword: Search Technology Partner: Copyright©2012 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. All rights reserved, USA and worldwide.